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Baby Wooden Musical Instruments | Rain Stick Rattle, Montessori Toys

Baby Wooden Musical Instruments | Rain Stick Rattle, Montessori Toys

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Enhance your baby's sensory & cognitive development with our collection of wooden musical instruments, including rain stick rattles. Shop Montessori toys today!

  • Introduce your little one to the world of music with these Baby Wooden Musical Instruments. This set includes a Rain Stick and a Rattle, both designed to engage and entertain your baby while stimulating their senses. 
  • The Rain Stick features a cylindrical wooden tube filled with small beads that create a soothing rain-like sound when turned upside down. This sensory experience helps develop your baby's auditory skills and encourages them to explore cause and effect.
  • The Rattle, on the other hand, is crafted from high-quality wood and features colourful beads that make a gentle rattling sound when shaken. This Montessori-inspired toy promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as your baby grasps and shakes the rattle.
  • Made from natural and non-toxic materials, these musical instruments are safe for your baby to play with. The smooth wooden surfaces are perfect for little hands to hold and explore, while the vibrant colours and engaging sounds capture their attention.
  • These Baby Wooden Musical Instruments are not only fun and entertaining but also educational. They introduce your baby to different sounds and rhythms, helping to develop their musical abilities from an early age. Whether your little one is playing solo or joining in with family sing-alongs, these instruments are sure to bring joy and laughter to your home.
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