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Magic Hatching Dinosaur Egg 10pc | Add Water, Hatch Egg, Grow Dinosaur

Magic Hatching Dinosaur Egg 10pc | Add Water, Hatch Egg, Grow Dinosaur

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Explore the world of Magic Hatching Dinosaur Eggs with our 10-piece set. Simply add water, watch the egg hatch, and grow your very own dinosaur!

  • Introducing the Magic Hatching Dinosaur Egg 10pc, a fascinating and interactive toy that will captivate the imagination of children and adults alike. This set includes 10 dinosaur eggs, each waiting to be hatched and reveal a surprise dinosaur inside. 
  • The magic begins by simply adding water to the eggs. As the water seeps through the shell, a magical process is set in motion, and within a matter of hours, the eggs start to crack open, unveiling the hidden dinosaur within.
  • But the excitement doesn't end there! Once hatched, these adorable baby dinosaurs can be placed in water, where they will continue to grow and expand in size. Watch in awe as these tiny creatures transform into larger dinosaurs right before your eyes.
  • With a variety of dinosaur species to discover, children can learn about different types of dinosaurs while having fun. The Magic Hatching Dinosaur Egg 10pc is not only an entertaining toy but also an educational tool that encourages curiosity and exploration. 
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