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Childrens Montessori Wooden Clock Toy | Cognitive Learning Educational

Childrens Montessori Wooden Clock Toy | Cognitive Learning Educational

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Engage your child's mind with our Montessori wooden clock toy. Designed to promote cognitive learning, this educational tool is perfect for young minds.

  • This Children's Montessori Wooden Clock Toy is designed to help children learn how to tell time while also developing their cognitive skills. Made from high-quality wood, this educational toy features colourful numbers and hands that can be moved to practice setting the time. 
  • The Montessori approach to learning emphasizes hands-on activities and self-directed learning, making this clock toy a great tool for children to explore and understand the concept of time in a fun and engaging way.
  • With its durable construction and vibrant design, this wooden clock toy is not only a valuable educational resource but also a visually appealing addition to any child's toy collection. Perfect for pre-schoolers and young children, this Montessori toy is sure to provide hours of learning and entertainment.
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