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Hedgehog Learning Toy | Toddler & Baby, Sorting, Counting, Colours

Hedgehog Learning Toy | Toddler & Baby, Sorting, Counting, Colours

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Discover the Hedgehog Learning Toy designed for toddlers and babies. Teach sorting, counting & colours in a fun and engaging way. Educational toys for children.

  • Introducing our Hedgehog Learning Toy, designed to engage toddlers and babies in a fun and educational way. This interactive toy promotes sorting, counting, and colour recognition skills, making it a versatile tool for early childhood development. 
  • The Hedgehog Learning Toy features colourful quills that can be sorted by size and colour, helping children learn basic math concepts while improving their fine motor skills. The quills can also be used for counting activities, making learning numbers a hands-on experience for young learners.
  • With vibrant hues that capture children's attention, this toy is not only educational but also visually stimulating. The Hedgehog Learning Toy is the perfect addition to any playroom or classroom, providing hours of entertainment while fostering important cognitive skills.
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