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Aqua Mat 100x80CM | Aqua Colouring Magic, Reusable, Educational, Kids

Aqua Mat 100x80CM | Aqua Colouring Magic, Reusable, Educational, Kids

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Dive into the world of Aqua Colouring Magic with our Large Aqua Mat 100x80CM! Let your kids learn and play with this reusable and educational toy.

  • Introducing the Aqua Mat, a 100x80CM educational tool that combines the fun of colouring with the magic of water. This aqua colouring mat is designed to be reusable, allowing kids to create endless masterpieces without the need for paper or messy paints. 
  • The Aqua Mat features a vibrant aqua colour that serves as the canvas for kids to unleash their creativity. By simply using water-filled pens or brushes, children can bring their drawings to life, making it a mess-free and eco-friendly option for parents and teachers alike.
  • Not only does the Aqua Mat provide hours of entertainment, but it also offers a valuable learning experience. Kids can practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition while having fun. This educational toy is perfect for playdates, classrooms, or rainy days at home.
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